ArcelorMittal Orbit Slide  BBLUR architecture were commissioned in collaboration with Buro Happold to design the worlds tallest dry slide around Sir Anish Kapoor 115-metre observation tower in London's Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. The steel sculpture is Britain's tallest sculpture, an enduring reminder of the 2012 Olympic Games.


The imposing structure is visible from afar, awakening the curiosity of those who see it. After visitors have taken the lift to the top or, for the more athletic, the 435 steps to the viewing platform, a panoramic view is revealed across the skyline of London and beyond.

But how do you get back down? Lifts are available, obviously, and taking the stairs back down enables you to enjoy the wonderful views again, whilst freefall abseiling is another exhilarating way back to the ground. However, equally spectacular and no less exciting is covering the 76-metre height in just 38 to 40 seconds at speeds of up to 15mph – with a length of 176 metres, this will be the longest enclosed dry slide in the world.


Construction is scheduled to begin in February 2016, with completion planned for 27 April.



Lead Consultant:

Planning Consultant

bblur architecture


Buro Happold

Kevin Scott Consultancy