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Jeddah Fish Market

Jeddah Fish Market was a concept scheme and framework for a local developer. The 31,000sqm landmark Fish Market was conceived with a new multilevel promenade lined with restaurants, shops and cafes.

These were to be set within extensive landscaping and generous shade structures to provide a comfortable and beautiful place to relax and enjoy the coast of the City of Jeddah, KSA.

The project is defined by a large umbrella shade roof. Accommodation is arranged within separate pavilions under the roof and surrounded by shaded gardens so as to encourage natural air movement. Large over hanging eaves produce deep shadow to minimise the internal cooling needs of each pavilion. 

Additional solar protection is provided by richly textured geometric shade screens in front of the facades of each building. Generous landscaped areas create a layering of shadows, helping to create a comfortable environment even at the hottest times of the year. The fine spray of dancing fountains around the promenade edge help cool the air.

The reflective quality of the cladding changes the colour and character of the building at different times of day as the light changes.

The sculptural form of the building takes its inspiration from the life forms found in the Red Sea coral reefs.

Jeddah Fish Market
Jeddah Fish Market
Jeddah Fish Market




BBLUR architecture

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