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TAG Farnborough Airport is a RIBA award winning airport and master plan authored by the partners. We were commissioned to design the new Ground Support Facility (GSF) hangar for TAG Farnborough Airport. This would act as a replacement for an existing, dilapidated hangar: that was restricting the efficiency of the airport. 

The new 2650m² building houses all airside vehicles. It improved the operational efficiency of the airport by removing a bottleneck in the aircraft ramp, created by the outdated hangar, to create more aircraft stands. It also removes the visual clutter that accumulates around most airports. 

The design continues the ‘TAG family’ language of steel framed aluminium clad buildings. This restricted palette of materials enables the form of each building to shine while contributing to a coherent single identity for the airport. 


Our design creates a unique and memorable airport environment which captures the romance, technology and excitement of flight.

Just like the earlier buildings, the GSF has a strong relationship with the distinctive landscape of Farnborough Airport and indeed the GSF roof appears to be peeled up into a gentle 200m long arch.

Technically the building features the longest single length of aluminium standing seam roof in Europe. The simplification of detailing and removal of superfluous elements ensured the building was delivered cost effectively.

The consistency of the buildings and the calm environment they create has been recognised in several ways. Farnborough is consistently voted as Europe’s best Business Airport and Hollywood has taken it to it’s heart; James Bond has his licence to kill revoked here in ‘Quantum of Solace’ and in the film ‘Inception’ Leo DiCaprio agreed to plant dreams here.

TAG Farnborough Airport GSF
TAG Farnborough Airport GSF
TAG Farnborough Airport GSF
TAG Farnborough Airport GSF
TAG Farnborough Airport GSF



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Structural and M&E: 

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TAG Farnborough Airport

BBLUR architecture

Inseen Construction

Buro Happold

Cyril Sweett

Hufton & Crow

Richard Seymour

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