TAG Farnborough Airport Entrance arrangements have been in place since 2003 and reflected the requirements of the airport at that time. The success of the airport has led to an increase in the number of flight movements and in the number of larger aircrafts using the airport. More passengers are using Farnborough and more companies are basing themselves at the airport. This has resulted in the current entrance gate facilities becoming operationally stretched and congested on a regular basis with vehicle queues regularly stretching toward the Ively roundabout.


bblur were comissioned to design new entrance facilities that create a high quality passenger entrance appropriate for Europe’s leading business airport. The new location with an entry avenue leading from Meadowgate roundabout improves the sense of arrival at TAG Farnborough Airport by opening up views across the airfield. The gatehouse joins the TAG family of sculptural objects.




TAG Farnborough Airport

bblur architecture

King Shaw