Dataray Data Centre is our proposal for a modular, low cost, fast build prototype for a Data centre site in East London. The move from a traditional building to a modular structure would allow for minimum CAPEX, minimum time and maximum flexibility. Pods constructed off site and to order would suit changing data requirements. A series of patented 3m x 15m fully serviced data module are placed within a rapidly constructed steel framework. The modules come fitted out and insulated with their own air handling equipment. The Steel frame is sized to enable expansion of the facility while minimising the initial CAPEX of the project.

The new technical space could be created on demand within 18 weeks of agreement to lease with a 52 week build programme, the modular construction would ensure the client only needed to spend 33% of the overall build cost at the initial stage and expand with time. 


The loose fit sting ray inspired cladding maintains the required air circulation for ventilation of each of the modules as well as weather protected circulation areas and service routes around the modules. The solution also enables a freedom of architectural expression.




Modular Consultant: 

Global Switch

bblur architecture


Gardner DC Solutions